Annuals / Seasonals


White Wine Yeast, Notes of Citrus, Raw & Refreshing 

bone dry

7.2% ABV

Train Hopper

Light Refreshing Citric Hop with subtle Spruce,

A Natural Pairing with the forest.

Local sourced BC Hops, Proprietary Blend.

Courtesy Of Chilliwack Hop Farms.

7.2% abv


Hand-Made Elderflower Cordial blended with Dry Cider

Elegant Flavour with an intense floral aromatic.



Sweeney's Trapdoor

Prohibition Style Cider

Bourbon Barrel Aged, Spiced Ginger

CASK 01/17

7.8% abv

Oak Blanc

French White Oak Barrel Aged

Cask 01/17

7.5% ABV



We established our orchards to include dessert, bittersweet, and bittersharp apple varieties grown from heirloom and heritage trees to create complex flavour profiles within our ciders.

Our orchards are located in the Campbell River Valley, along the Fraser River in Agassiz, and the north arrow lake in British Columbia. Any added ingredients we use are grown on site or locally sourced to showcase the versatile nature of cider. The inspiration for natural ciders comes from enjoying basque and west country styles from the old world.

Every year we create unique ciders in small batches and casks from freshly pressed quality apples that are pulled right from the tree. There are no additional sugars or acids added, and none of our ciders are pasteurized or from concentrate.

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